Tuesday, September 25, 2007


yes i know the economy blah blah blah. but because you use the state of the economy as an excuse, you spend billions each year in a self diagnostic frenzy trying to find the right cream for your wrinkles, acne, black heads, large pores etc.etc.etc. advertisers don't care if your skin is clean and clear or wrinkle free. they are paid to increase the companies sales they are advertising for the bottom line. that is all, you are nothing more than a potential profit that is why they bombard you with 50 billion advertisements each year. wanting you to buy their product, not because it is going to work but because it makes them money.

why trust someone whose goal is to increase sales and their bottom line, would give a rats tail about your skin care concerns and needs? they don't care about you. they only care about themselves and their products they are trying to force down all of our throats. well Ms Esthetician has shut her mouth a very long time ago. they are no longer force feeding me anything. i know the difference.

there are products on the market that work, but the level of effectiveness available over the counter is always less effective as something available through a doctor or your esthetician. they don't want to cure your problem they will give you just enough to keep you strung out. wanting more in hopes that this jar will work. i can guarantee that it won't work as well as it did in the beginning and you will be left scouring those shelves for the next miracle in a jar.

it is american culture to put faith in what we see on television and read in magazines. they tell you that you can cure your skin care problems, whiten your teeth, and clean your floors with their products. many of these companies have their hands all over everything.