Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have been asked this question a thousand times, and I never tire of answering it. "What is the difference between wax and laser?" Well first I just wanted to make mention that I wax because I am a results oriented kinda gal.

A person comes in with a considerable amount of hair, and they leave hair free. Waxing helps me fulfill that something in my psyche that likes things instantly. It is indeed the primary method of hair removal used by moi.

Laser vs. Waxing
So you've heard that laser hair removal is freaking awesome, and that it works way better than waxing. Laser is NOT a permanent hair removal solution, and neither is waxing (go figure). Laser works to REDUCE the amount of hair growth. The results vary from person to person. Typically clients using laser as a method of hair reduction will have between 5-8 sessions every 4-six weeks.

Unlike waxing laser hair removal is a bit more discriminatory, it's ideal client has fair skin with coarse dark hair. As technology is constantly changing; It has been noted that laser technology has improved, and there are a few lasers that claim to have the ability to differentiate between the pigmentation in dark hair and dark skin and light hair and light skin.

I have seen clients make a mad dash for the nearest laser clinic and purchase their 6 session package, and then after about 6-8 months they are rescheduling their waxing sessions. If reducing the amount of hair is your main concern. Laser works great.

Waxing can provide a temporary solution to hair removal. When performed by a licensed esthetician waxing has been know to have excellent results. The wonderful thing about waxing to me it that there are no expectations. You come in with hair you leave with out hair,and it grows back in a few weeks and you repeat the cycle.

There is something very honest and human about waxing. That is why it is my favorite. I recently explored the art of sugaring. That experience will make for a great post in the future. What are your thoughts on Laser vs. Waxing?

Male Grooming

Guys are jumping on the grooming band wagon. This video gives the fellas a few pointers for keeping it tight if that's what they like.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Instead of opting for the very popular botox or rejuaderm injections some have taken their faces into their own hands and given facial yoga a try. This is going to be the latest trend in the on going battle against aging. Yoga has been known to tone muscles, detoxify the body, and increase flexibility. These benefits are exactly what is needed to help us to age gracefully.

Friday, June 19, 2009


A few years after the Brazilian bikini wax tore through the city, New York women were ripe for a new gimmick–something extreme to justify the pain and indignity of that half-hour, totally denuding procedure.

So some genius came up with the idea of arranging tiny, self-adhesive Swarovski crystals on the newly revealed expanse and charging $65 to $105 for the ordeal. And now that small hordes of would-be Carrie Bradshaws are lining up for the torturous treatment, two Manhattan salons are each claiming credit for this new frontier in masochism.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I received another phone call today. A young woman interested in Brazilian Bikini waxing and she has been going to local salons and spas in the area. Paying for a service that she is not receiving. She even told me today that at times she feels uncomfortable asking about the butt, because of the response she gets from the persnickety person on the other end of the phone.

You could argue that each salon may or may not have their own style of services, but lets call a spade a spade. Honestly I don't think many people truly understand what a True Brazilian Bikini wax really is. So I'll feel you in on all of the juicy details.

Ms. Esthetician


I have a confession. Off and then on again I have relaxed my own hair. It started in our kitchen in between the stove and the sink. That is where my mom would relax my hair. Then I graduated to doing it myself in the bathroom.

So after years of my hair snapping in two like uncooked spaghetti noodles. I convinced myself that I was one of those women with hair so fragile that it could not with stand a relaxer.

I then went cold turkey and Au natural (Oh¡ Napptural is what my little sister called it). I sported my fro for years. Until that time it caught fire after a fight I lost to a Conair blow-dryer. I was attempting to straighten my locks for a trip to Chicago.

Reintroduced relaxer in 2005, and sported a blue finned Mohawk shortly after the birth of my daughter. Then I completely lost my patience and shaved my head bald in January 2007. I was sick of my hair, and I could not figure out what to do with it.

We were on our way out to a U 0f D Womens Basketball game when I walked out of the bathroom. My head was shining like new money. I am pretty sure that my husband threw up in his mouth that day. He couldn't believe that I would cut my hair off like that. By the way we never made it to that game.

He immediately called my mother and asked for her advice. She said "oh she's at it again"? Again? Yes Again, I did this before after I was tired of my hair, I took the clippers to it and buzzed it off. It took me relaxing my own hair, two buzz cuts, and a pinky swear to my man that I would never cut my hair off like that again. To realize that I had no business doing my own hair.

All of this from a girl who's grandma Frances was an award winning stylist. I am not sure if I thought that my grandmother's God given talent would one day come to me like a Revelation, or that I would inherit her skills because she was my grandma, but inheritance, and God given talent does not work that way. I have accepted that I am an esthetician.

On my journey I have found the light. I am now allowing someone else to take care of my hair. Not do my hair, but take care of it. I have allowed her to suggest the products that I use on my hair, relax my hair, style it, and even trim my ends. I now have the assignment of combing my hair.

This has lifted a weight off of me. Might I add that I love my hair now. She is taking great care of it. What I've learned along the way is that my true sense of self does not come from how much I can do myself, but that I am taking great care of myself.

please feel free to share your hair care or DIY beauty stories.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Ok Just wanted to put it out there. Please know who is performing services on you. Be safe people.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well the Wikipedia definition of an esthetician is as follows:
"Cosmetology (from Greek κοσμητικός, kosmētikos, "skilled in adornment"[1]; and -λογία, -logia) is the study and application of beauty treatment. Branches of specialty including hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, and electrology".

In plain English an esthetician is a trained and licensed technician that provides limited services in the field of cosmetology. Including but not limited to Waxing,Lash Extensions, Facials, & Makeup Application.

With-in the Esthetician Community there also exists branches of specialty training. Medical Esthetician, Facialist, Wax Technician, Master Esthetician, and Aesthetician vs. Esthetician. In the U.S. each state's cosmetology board sets the rules and regulations for that individual state.

Medical Esthetician- Individual that has received minimum state requirements and additional training. They typically work in medical spas under the care of a licensed physician performing services such as: Laser Hair Removal, Chemical Peels, and Fraxel etc.

Facialist- Is an easier way to say esthetician. A person that performs facial and waxing services.

Wax Technician- Is an individual that is licensed by that state to perform waxing services only.

Master Esthetician- This is the creme-de-la-creme of estheticians. For example in the state of Virginia a master esthetician has to complete 1200 clock hours. This individual can practice chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion, and other treatments that are typically practiced under the care of a licensed physician.

Aesthetician vs. Esthetician- Well they mean exactly the same thing and use of the A vs. E is a regional thing.


The powers from the "Hall of Beauty" gave me the assignment to help clean up The Beauty Industry. Please be on the look-out for dirty wax pots. Lets work together to save the Professional Beauty Industry.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


So here is a little glimpse inside of my world. Here is an email that I received this week with the person's name removed...

Actual Email

"Hello, I had a question about brazillian waxing. I got my first brazillian waxing done at a waxing place and it hurt a lot so i only got it done halfway. I heard that its only supposed to hurt right when the strip is pulled off. But that day and the day after i was even avoiding to pee even bcoz it burned a lot and it still hurts. I wud have gone thru all the way but since waxing is supposed to take hair from the roots, when i looked the half side that was done had all the roots intact. so i stopped from doing the other side. I am wondering how long is it supposed to hurt? Right now i can't even touch the spot.
Thank You"

Thank You, Anonymous email person. This email is exactly the point that I have been preaching. Thanks for giving me leeway. So now I am going to sit high atop my Ms. Esthy cutesy pink soap box and preach until I can't preach anymore.

When you are waxing your girl, or boy bits for that matter, precision, not speed, is the name of the game. I constantly hear of places pushing the time limit. "I can do a Brazilian wax in about 7-10 minutes." Well, don't ya know that "I can too." If I am just slapping on wax, using one nasty applicator (that will be dipped & re-dipped {possibly used on several folks} until it is broken), and just ripping like I have lost my natural mind.

Ripping what you might ask? Oh, let's see your skin, your skin and your skin. That is why this poor woman couldn't pee. Well, my question to the technician is "What the heck were you doing over there?"

There are one of two reasons that this happened to this poor unsuspecting soul. She was trying to save a buck and went to the cheapest place to get waxed, or the technician is not qualified to do Brazilian waxing. There is a possibility that both play a role in her horrible Brazilian bikini wax experience.

Please - do your homework when it comes to the person you are choosing to do your Brazilian bikini wax. The Internet is a great source, as well as asking their existing clients for their opinions.

Wishing you a happy and waxing this season.

Ms. Esthetician

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


When it comes to your skin care and waxing who should be doing it? Well I will say this cosmetologist in the great (using this term very loosely) State Of Michigan are required to have a minimum of 1500 clock hours before they qualify for their licensing. Estheticians have just 400 clock hours.

Typically Cos-students spend a week or so on skin care(facials,extractions, etc). Depending on the school they attend. For instance David Pressley has a full-time esthetic department while another school only offers cosmetology, leaving their students to provide facial and waxing services.

This my friends is the Jack of All Trades Master of None theory that I frequently discuss among peers. Students forced into doing things that they have no interest or specialized training in doing will lack passion. Is that the kind of person you want working on you? Someone that doesn't even care about what they are doing. Food for thought.

Henry Fernandez said it best. "Sometimes we bring people into our lives that end up costing us more than if we had just paid the big bucks and had it done right". What do you think?