Monday, November 26, 2007


waxing is a fresh start. my waxing experiences give birth to new sensations, feelings of self confidence and most importantly smiles. big, bright, wide ones, smiles from ear to ear, the kind of smiles that touch your soul. i love my life and the fact that i not only get to touch people physically, but also emotionally. i make a difference. i wax bikini lines of women that feel unattractive because they have "unusual hair growth" i wax the backs and chests of guys that have forgotten what life really feels like (the softer side).

sometimes i think that we hide behind our hair. that we allow it rob us of feeling and really enjoying life. our hair does not make us more man or woman. the fact that our beautiful bodies started to develop this androgenic hair in our puberty shows that we are headed in the right direction (towards man or woman hood). and since most of us are twice removed from that phase of life, why are we still hanging on to it?

let go and get waxed.