Saturday, November 28, 2009


I would have to say that in the last few weeks dreams really do come true. There is an awesome new site that offers skin care product selection and education without the "Drama" of the beauty business.

No advertisements here sister or brother for that matter. Just good ole fashioned skin care at it's finest. Create a profile and you are on your way to learning more about yourSkin. Not the skin that beauty product advertisers want you to have, but the skin you deserve.

This site was liberating for me and I am in the "beauty busyness". By nature I am not a product pusher (since most of them on the market are crap anyway) ask any client. I am about folks doing beauty & skin care the way that works best for them, and making a few recommendations here and there if things get to far out of control.

mySkin is my kindred beauty spirit. We both ENJOY skincare with out all of the noise. OMG please forgive me I am yammering continuously about how amazing this site is and it has not even launched to the public.

You know that I will always look our for yourSkin, so in true OprahWinfreyesque audience member fashion.
I am giving you all access to mySkin Use the code: msesthy to set up your profile. Just in time for the Holidays.

Best Wishes learning about yourSkin. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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Minerva said...

Thank you so much for suggesting With your invite code I have registered with the site and I now understand the praise that you've given the site. It’s a helpful site.